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San Joan Estartit Torroella de Montgrí


At the municipal tourist model of "too much noise and few nuts" (or hubub model -much ado about nothing) they are thinking that making loud concerts and passing-streetsthen the tourists come and the commerces domore business. This, sometimes works to make the competition betwen one commerce to another one intra-municipality, that is, within the same municipality. Or sometimes, between municipalities. But that's very relative and hasa masked side effects.


Certain is that when there are loud concerts and noisy streets, those potential tourists who are taking a walk in the commercial area, then they are distracted and go to the beach (or the place where they do) to see what happens and maybe stay thereand don't go through the shops again. Or come back by commercial area with less time later. If they pass later faster and with less time, then they will surely spend less money at commerces.


Very clear and understandable should be for everybody, regardless of the crisis, that who eats or drinks at shops from the beach concert that money will not be spent in bars or restaurants in the village. That's obvious. And that tourist will have less money left in the wallet. Then you can see more people spend less on drinking and eating.


Estartit sense diners


Then, restaurateurs will complain that tourists do not have money. That at the end are being a bad business for bars and restaurants that pay taxes to the town hall. Since that situation produces unfair competition betwen commerces and town hall. Its houldn't be this sale of drinks and eats from the town hall of a tourist municipality that supports and helps the "locals" business. The restoration business should not be municipality. 


Negocis Estartit


This demonstrates what we have been saying here that is just a facade the discourse that they support or take care for the villagers business.


Lies Estartit Torroella


Why need they for Saint John'sEve to bring 3 diferent music concerts? Why play they so loud music until 3 or 4 am past midnight ? Is that also the same tourist model of "much noise and few nuts" (much ado about nothing), isn't? And also an unsustainable tourism (hubub) that doesn't contribute anything.


Sant Joan Estartit

Excuse us its were'n 3, the concerts were 9.



This night, you can watch people getting off the cars with bags of food and drinks that they have bought from where they come and don't spend, someone, nothing here. Many! Many cars yes. Many people. Yes. And how is the beach later?


Platja Estartit Torroella de Montgri


How much does cost to clean the beach after this night? What a mess! Which are the profits by the town hall (or rather which are the expenses or cost)? With these expenses or unnecessary losses they would be to lower taxes to villagers. That's not sustainable. Oh ... and the people who can't rest by the concerts noise? Do you think another year they will come back if you don't let them sleep?


Soroll Estartit Fressa


Particularly, we prefer that they do just one concert and until 1 am. in the morning, then they charge us less taxes, and with this money saved from the taxes we made our own party like we want and when we want or spend in anyother things.


Estartit our money


The tourists that we want or weneed come here by some 5 "big" reasons:


1. To make summer vacations.


2. To make a weekend or a holidays days.


3. By the heat, the summer, the climate, the warm weather invites you to go out and walk and do leisure activities.


4. To rest and distract from work, the urbans cities, etc..


5. By the beach, the Medas Islands and surroundings, a nice and SAFE place.


That could also be synthesized in 3 reasons:


a) To make a holidays or weekend holidays, that is, on vacation.


b) By the summer season, warm climate to rest or to make leisure activities (winter season would be for holidays in the snow)


c) By beach tourism, sun, beautiful and SAFE environment.


These are the "great reasons" of the vast majority of tourists, then, in minority from those great reasons your can find others types of tourists that come as those who will do Saint John's Eve (included in the previous great reasons, p. ex. at number 2 and 4). As for other subtypes of motifs or tourism such as scuba diving (included in 3), because many of those who come on vacation and on the beach, many of these end up aiming to dive as an activity that offer this place. And who says this, the same for other leisure activities that are done and for others that aren't made or are enhanced. If they try to offer scuba diving outside the "great grounds" mentioned for free would almost nobody (see a Wednesday in January outside the summer season, cold, working time ...).


Thus the municipal model of tourism "much noise and few nuts" (organized disorder) is very relative and not valid, very "clumsy"or rude and valid rather for archaic and primitive people. And more still, sometimes against the own business of the villagers. And it has very undesirable rebound effects as well that tourists with higher purchasing power will go away and go to other places where their senses are not so much bombed against their will. They don't seek the massification and problems derived from the city which they come have it. Many tourists in this area go away because of too much noise, by scandalous neighbours, by dogs barking fromother neighbour ... So there are people who goaway by the municipal tourist model of "a lot of noise and little few nuts".


Woody Allen a Estartit

Tourists with higher purchasing power have been lost (with humor).


So we ask ourselves, what efficiency and efficiency and what benefits and expenses can entail to apply this model of hubub? Even a child could understand.


We are thinking that acting like this "has not substanceand not grace". Moreover, this "seeing", "pretending" or "swank" that authorities or rulers (in a crude way and typical from bumptious people) use to make us believe that "they do a lot for the people of this village, for the business of the villagers, for the tourism "... which should be showy tourist action, come great concerts, come on rampage, ... that they are wise and are the best, and that without their contribution wouldn't be possible economic prosperity. This situational "swelling" (vainglory) is to keep the merchants happy and their votes insured .... when in the real reality they make disproportionate expenses and while they loose other types of people and tourists.


Bla bla bla


Isn't the touristic model of "too much noise and few nuts" what happens with the occupancy on the sidewalks of Port, Platja and Victor Concas Street? They make us explicitly or implicitly believe that if they don't make the commotion (fanfare proper of arrogance and snooty actions) to give the sidewalks to trucks drivers and rubish containers there will be no business or good turism.


Denuncia estartit voreres lliures vianants


Implicitly the merchants will lack the raw material that the truckers carry and therefore they make believe that we must sacrifice sidewalks "in the name of" tourism and business (much noise - much ado), disdaining that sidewalks are for pedestrians and disabled for walking in a safe way. They illegitimately force pedestrians not to continue on the same route (pedestrian sideway or footpath) and force them to cross the road with the consequent danger of trucks, cars, rubish containers, etc ... a insustanaible mobility type "maze or labyrinth". At the end it leads to pedestrians, disabled or people with more purchasing power that demand more quality and less complications, stop coming to a town that is not designed for all ... And although the political authorities boasting to say "Here ... We are all (political slogan) ". Well then we are NOT ALL !! Because in the case of people with disabilities they are discriminated and devalued. They think that these tourists will be very willing to return to a city that is not planned for all, not intended for them, intended only for some.


Denuncia discapacitat Estartit


Carrer victor concas pizzeria paradis estartit


Pizzeria paradis restaurant estartit


So, what seems like too much fuss, dinor rampage just for a month and a half of high tourist season, this "much noise" (much ado) makes the "few nuts" (about nothing) or the loss or outflow of tourists.


Molta fressa i poca endreca Estartit Torroella Montgri


And also, throughout the rest of the year pedestrians in the street of the Port can walk within security sidewalks without border ("curb") or "sticks". We need a pedestrian village. Before and first than bicycles and dogs. People have to be the first, the sustainable travelers.


Pedestrians rights

Click here for pedestrians rights.


Voreres lliures estartit


Voreres lliures estartit denuncia carrer port


The rulers want to make see with these "staging" that are very "competent", "that they do a lot for the people of this village" acting congruently with this pride or superiority and command with all their fanfare to win or to maintain voters and confirmers. When they really despiseand undervalue others. And against the ordinances and laws, facts totally illegitimate and improper, showing that arrogance that they are unique and the best, that they are "enlightened" and above all law.


The rulers make it appear with these "staging" that they are very "competent", "they do a lot for the people" acting congruously withthis pride or superiority and "command" so that with their fanfare win or maintain voters and confirmers . When they really despiseand undervalue others. And against the ordinances and laws, facts totally illegitimate and improper, showing arrogantly that they are unique and the best, that they are "enlightened" in the name of business and tourism, and that they are above everything and any law. In addition they are thinking that solve a problem (which there wouldn't need so much fanfare) but theycreate new ones.


Estartit voreres lliures carrer port


Have you tried a summer not to do any animation or music event? Do you think nobody will come? Are you sure or think that? Well, at least nobody will go out by the noise and the noise turistic model.


Why is not possible to orient the concert stages to the sea or to locateit far away (more inside the beach, at the height of the old Miramar Hotel or at the "Molinet" if was necessary) to maintain and win all types of tourists. Then "each type of tourist has his own space or territory without being interfered or despised in this enjoyment and leisure". Why can't the rulers make theirs performances within the space (that gives much) that limit the law?


Why can't truck drivers come with more time (slow life in slow city) and then use more the wheelbarrows or pushcarts? Why can't the municipal cleaning service use another alternative type of garbage collection and leave the sidewalks in peace for the pedestrians?


Denuncia estartit voreres lliures deixalles c port


Why can't we have a more beautiful village? Are a esthetic and beautiful, apart from not being practical or safe, to have the pedestrians sidewalks occupied?


Deixalles estartit denuncia voreres lliures port


Voreres Lliures


Pedestrians sidewalks Estartit


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